The appetizers


Ho dei gusti semplicissimi; mi accontento sempre del meglio
(Oscar Wilde)

The appetizers are the perfect Fòllaro welcome, sounds like you say: “where have you been so far?” And most importantly, “How did you do without us?”. So, between a glimpse to the colours, a breath of fresh air and a tasting superb, you know right away that evening or lunch will prove to be a masterpiece.
Away from discount stores and from logic thaw and FRY, Antonella chose to prepare by hand each appetizers, delicacies mixed with care, prepared with love: the Tater Tots at Aubergine patties enriched with seasonal herbs, from vegetables to Salento to seafood. The appetizers, homemade or sailors, are always a guaranteed success. The secret? When you can ask to Antonella tells us: “a real chef doesn’t reveal his secrets”. But explains that the freshness and quality of raw materials, combined with a pinch of love and to taste of time, are the right ingredients to prepare all dishes, from appetizers to desserts, this is the perfect recipe of Fòllaro.
And so it begins. It starts with a selection of appetizers. The service is ready, the stove heats up and Antonella sharpens his weapons: experienced Cook hands and eyes for not missing a shot, and then my heart every time he prepares a meal, can give their best in the summer evenings. And whether you choose a frittino eat in the Lounge bar while enjoying the sunset elephantine or to taste everything else sitting at the tables of the restaurant, it does not matter: those entrees are a true masterpiece. Are a concentrate of Salento: on one hand the good things of the Earth, on the other, the unique flavours of the two seas. And you can see him well and to distinguish between many taste made in Salento.

 Foto di Alessandro Giuseppe Paiano