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 I pesci del mare son destinati a chi se l’ha da mangiare
Giovanni Verga, I Malavoglia

You know to be in the right place when the kitchen comes a smell of freshly caught fish, it seems that Antonio has chosen to give the best of themselves. You know that with food, don’t mess around when trip over pasta dishes prepared by the chef, Antonella sa surprise you every time. Delicious, fresh and creative. The colors change and are combined with unique flavors and intense, seasonal vegetables, freshly picked tomatoes, tasty potatoes, fresh chicory and much higher. You know to be in the right place when those wooden tables surrounded by olive trees seem familiar, a bit like Sunday passed in Grandma’s garden you will find the authentic flavours of the Mediterranean, they used to, traditional recipes revisited the mastery of Antonella. It doesn’t happen often, but the Fòllaro Yes, the Fòllaro are a passion for cooking in every dish that comes to life and becomes a canvas, a masterpiece of culinary art.
From pasta with seafood, Zucchini and cherry tomatoes at sagne twisted (typical pasta leccese) mild flavored ricotta, Parmesan to the famous potato gnocchi made with fish sauce (grouper or seafood). In short, there is something for all tastes, from fish to meat, vegetables vegetables ingredients combined to perfection, in the tradition of Salento and peasant, local produce and seasonality, because the kitchen at km 0 and sustainable revealed in these years a winning choice. Sharpen your knives, the dish is served. And we wish you Bon Appetit!

 Foto di Alessandro Giuseppe Paiano