Dessert and spirits


Se nessuno ti vede mentre lo mangi, quel dolce non ha calorie

We have arrived at the last cuddle, the last act of a perfect Italian comedy, in which good food has the leading role. And the role of a supporting actress is once again up to Antonella who, tirelessly, greets her guests with her final hats off. Dessert to lick your lips, a triumph that leaves you speechless. One of all, the famous blueberry cheese cake. But as an American, here, he wants to specify every time Antonio to his customers remains very little, a delicious cake revisited, with ricotta cheese and jam with Negramaro grapes. And then again, the house tart, the inevitable chocolate salami, with almond milk tiramisu. And again, lemon sorbet with white peach and much more, like our locally produced cheeses served with fresh and dried fruit and delicate ricottas that will leave you speechless.

And, last but not least, the distillates, because there is no dinner or lunch without an excellent glass of artisanal distillate. Tastes are special, intoxicating and conquering, a word of Antonio who, in addition to personally taking care of their production, is the best adviser a customer can have. And so, the dinners at Fòllaro end with the flavors still in the mouth and a good glass of distillate made of fruit or local herbs. Unique tastes that give customers the last act of the restaurant. Hey, wait a minute… you don’t want to end the evening like that, do you? Come on, lazybones…a relaxing corner awaits you downstairs, a wonderful garden where you can digest your dinner, listening to some music or letting yourself be carried away by the notes and scents of the Orient of our hookahs. Venghino, gentlemen, venghinooooo … the evening is just beginning.