Main courses of fish or meat


Dio fece il cibo, ma certo il diavolo fece i cuochi
James Joyce

The restaurant Fòllaro offers a wide choice of main courses. On summer evenings, when the sea breeze caressed the skin throughout the day, the summer heat is felt, there is nothing better than a hillside getaway to enjoy daily fresh fish or meat.

The ingredients are simple and fresh, raw materials of the highest quality and selected, as our extra virgin oil used for cooking all dishes. Or vegetables and vegetables for garnish and accompany fish and meat. And the inevitable hand-cut potatoes, a side dish flavorful and tasty.
On the tables of customers, among the olive trees and the Byzantine stones, colors take shape: from the meatloaf savory sauce to shellfish meats (shrimps of Gallipoli and the langoustines fished from our seas), by “turcinieddhri” on the grill to stuffed horse spicy, fresh grilled fish fry from local lamb, grilled chops to pan from homegrown dish municeddhre, (poor traditional plate of Salento).
The secret is always the same and Antonella understood it well: amaze his customers every day, more and more, for twenty years, a challenge that the proud: “my products are not frozen, I choose to invest my time, is exhausting but see the expression satisfied and fulfilled by a customer in front of a plate, has prezzo…la policy of our restaurant is far from the discount or the price downwards, we choose the best ingredients, because I am convinced that the quality of a dish depends on the freshness and raw goodness. ” Salento is a land made of genuine flavours, traditions and scents, the best vegetables, sea on the table, the most beautiful colours and flavours are there, in the pantry by Antonella, ready to come alive and to satisfy even the most demanding guests.