Handmade poteatoes gnocchi gruouper sauce

The gnocchi with fresh fish sauce of the restaurant Il Fòllaro are a unique and delicious dish. Gnocchi at Km0. Zero? Woe betide calling them that, gnocchi at kM below zero. Antonio cares about the details and specifies that the potatoes come directly from the garden behind the structure, they are tasty potatoes that together with eggs, homemade flour and herbs grown in the garden give life to a fresh pasta that is a masterpiece. A whole year spent taking care of the fruits of the earth, to pick them when it is season, natural, organic and fresh ingredients to prepare the dishes.

Handmade gnocchi, because Antonella cares about tradition. And this is why every day she offers her customers fresh pasta, gnocchi made one by one, with her hands and lots of passion, just like in the past. Floured and placed on pans, ready to be thrown into the carefully prepared sauce. Ah, the sauce! Strictly fish, indeed, Mr. Fish. Every time with Antonio it’s a surprise, even if the grouper is the most popular, the variety of fish can change and tastes are renewed, but the goodness of the dish remains the same. Fundamental to the success of the dish is the fresh catch, the secret is all there, the jubilation of colors of the fish goes well with cherry tomatoes and potatoes.

The stove is heated and the gnocchi, once cooked, are ready to be sautéed in the pot. The scent that comes from Antonella’s kitchen has already conquered nymphs and children, the whole hill, customers and even saints. That taste, indescribable, is ready to be plattered and consumed by the guests of Il Fòllaro.

 Foto di Alessandro Giuseppe Paiano

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